C.I.D. 刑警 2 人组


This is one of the best cop shows i have seen.

Rating: 4.3/5.0 (Very Good)

Stars: Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Ivy Lee, Jeanette Aw, Apple Hong, Lin Meijiao, Liu Qianyi, Zhu Houren, Shaun Chen, Nick Shen, Allan Wu, Constance Song, Belinda Lee, Yang Libing, Chen Tianwen, Jin Yinji, Yan Bingliang, Alan Tern, Pan Ling Ling, Ong Ai Leng, Brandon Wong, Zhang Yaodong

It’s fast paced, cases are inter-related, the acting is good, the plot is good, the ending is not very good, but acceptable. It’s melodramatic at some points and there are 3 small cases, each of them involving C.I.D. officers Tay Ping Hui and Qi Yuwu. It all builds up to the main case, which involves Qi Yuwu, Jeanette Aw, Lin Meijiao, Liu Qianyi and Zhu Houren. It ends with Apple Hong dying, Qi Yuwu ending up with Ivy Lee, Jeanette Aw going to jail and Tay Ping Hui promising to wait for her.


Best Actor nomination
Qi Yuwu (he very obviously steals the limelight from Tay Ping Hui with his very different sides and emotions)

Best Actress nomination
Ivy Lee (not a very likable role, but we aren’t supposed to like her, right?)

The theme song 刮目相看, sung by Gary Cao Ge:


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