1 current drama, 1 upcoming comedy and 1 upcoming drama! REVIEW

My previous entry was on The Undisclosed 迷云二十天, Lady of Leisure 闲妻靓母 and Women of Times 至尊红颜

The Undisclosed 迷云二十天 (Mi Yun Er Shi Tian) finished its run about a 3 weeks ago.
Final ratings: 2.4/5.0 (Below Average)
The ending was very abrupt.
Bottom line: Carol (Ong Ai Leng) stole the HK$500mil and with Rachel and Sean (the witness)’s help, was planning to run away with Musheng (Li Nanxing) to the Virgin Islands (or was it somewhere else? I can’t remember!). Rachel (Constance Song) killed Sean, her real boyfriend, as he was cheating on her. Sean had killed Carol for the money. Rachel and Sean are now rich, for the HK$500mil belongs to them now. And all the commotion about the passport…
So confusing. I really can’t remember the details. Anyway, Rachel shot herself and Musheng walked away. I mean, I thought that Musheng and Kexin (Huang Biren) would end up together to make things a little happier! They kept saying that ‘it’s fate’ that all these things happened. Yah! It’s fate that Musheng gets acquainted with Kexin, right? 总算雨过天晴, right? SIGH. Ratings have gone down since the beginning of the drama. Definitely not Nanxing or Biren’s best performance. But Constance did very well. Hope she gets a Best Supporting Actress nomination at Star Awards 2006.

Lady of Leisure 闲妻靓母 (Xian Qi Liang Mu) started its run on the Saturday 9pm slot 3 weeks ago.
Ratings: 3.8/5.0 (Very Good)
It’s a much better compared to Family Combo. It has a smaller but more star-studded cast. Constance is Meixian, an ah lian mother who is always gossiping with the maids and aunties. Hong Huifang on the other hand, plays an equally gossipy ex-tai tai who thinks she is very high class; which she is not! Tonight, in the 3rd episode, Guoqing (Edmund Chen) and Guoqiang (Zhang Wenxiang) ‘s father Si-ge (Liang Tian) appears. Zoe’s Liang liang gives the show the light heartedness the show needs, especially with the two ‘aunties’ bickering constantly.

Women of Times 至尊红颜 (Zhi Zun Hong Yan) airs weeknights at 9pm on Ch 8. It reached its halfway mark yesterday (19/05/06).
Ratings: 4.5/5.0 (Very Good)
Women rule in this 30-episode drama.
The power women: Mrs. Jia (Zheng Pei Pei) is the matriarch, Xiyi (Fann Wong) is the main character; the capable (now ex-) daughter-in-law and Zengyue (Aileen Tan) is the hot-headed but capable daughter. The men– Zengmu (Huang Wenyong); the stressed out GM son, Zengtu (Edmund Chen); the lazy playboy youngest son and Qicai (Huang Yiliang); the lecherous (now ex-) chef (now ex-) son-in-law and jailbird. The Jia household is run by 2nd daughter-in-law, Guiying (Lin Meijiao), Zengmu’s wife. Their son, Ruoqi (Julian Hee) is a policeman who is dating Xiangyun (Felicia Chin), an orphan and his subordinate at work. Zengyue and Qicai’s son, Yuqi (Paul Chan) owns a spa and Internet cafe and will date You-er (Candyce Toh- from Project Superstar), Guiying’s niece despite his mother’s objections. Wanqi (Jesseca Liu), daughter of the deceased 3rd son is married to Zhongxian (Terence Cao), a rich businessman. Fengyi (Joey Swee) is Xiyi’s sister, a shareholder in the rival restaurant. She will get kicked out by Hong Hai (Lan Qinxi) and his sister Yabin (Eelyn Kok). Yabin’s motive was to get Zengtu and Xiyi divorced, for Xiyi was no doubt the most capable in Jin Le (the family restaurant business). Yabin succeeded. Zengtu tries to win Xiyi back, but now has rival- calligraphy teacher Ding Hanzhe (Chen Hanwei), whom Fengyi likes. Confusing confusing! How are they going to squeeze all this into 30 episodes? Zengmu and Guiying die. Xiangyun goes into a coma. Zengyue indirectly caused Zengmu and Guiying’s deaths. Ruoqi bribes a witness and puts Yuqi in jail… The business only has Zengyue and Zengtu left. They need Xiyi back… What will Wanqi and Zhongxian do (they have a very small role right now)? 15 episodes more!
Star Awards 2006 watch: Huang Wenyong (B.Actr.), Aileen Tan (B. Actrss), Fann Wong (B.Actrss.), Eelyn Kok (B.S.A.), Joey Swee (B.S.A.)

Thanks for reading!


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