this site has MOVED:

From 14 April 2009 onwards, updates will cease on this site. was founded on 14 November 2006, and my 2 year 5 month journey here ends on 14 April 2009.


Thank you, all my readers, for the continuous support you’ve given me over these 2 years and 5 months. 352,000+ hits!! I’m really, really happy! :D I hope I won’t disappoint over at the new site, and I hope to continue to have your support and friendship!

qingling~ :)


  1. Li Qing

    why you want to close dowm this blog?

  2. Hi QingLing!

    Hahaha, went to yesterday.
    Then today wanted to go but saw that it was hacked, very shocked.
    Came here to confirm that the hacking is true!
    Don’t be sad okay.
    Hackers have no life woohoo! :D
    They suck <:
    They are jealous of your wonderful site ha.

    Anyway, jiayous for your site kays!
    And would you mind helping me find Welcome Home, My Love's Subtheme?
    Thanks and have a nice day!
    'My condolences'! x:

    Hehe ^^

    • [Snowpear.]: hi!
      yes, it got hacked! haha, do follow me on twitter at :)
      latest postings and updates there k? :)

      yeaa, wow, thanks for your support!
      hmmm… i’m not sure what the subtheme is but i’ll help you check it out.

      nah, my site hasn’t died yet. hehehehhh :)


  3. Nicole

    Thanks for posting Perfect Cut..
    I love it so much..
    Thanks ya..

  4. cheryl

    hi can u upload Science Msytery Adventure Club 我的校园有神探 plz..plz. thx in advance

  5. [cheryl]: sorry, i don’t upload shows. i’m also unable to find this show, sorry.


  6. cheryl

    nvr mind la. now got repeat the show, i record then ok le. but missed epi 1-7….so sad

  7. i will always support you

  8. 1305100714HI Good Good I like it

  9. 路过,留下脚印!!!

  10. 每天坚持分享一篇这样的文章,博客就有看的啦

  11. Anonymous

    where can i watch all those old sg dramas?
    wanted it so badly!!!

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